French 101

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Review and Practice

Review of French Language and Culture: From Basics to Professional Conversations

Romance language

Romance language.

In this unit, we will revisit the topics covered in the first half of the course. This comprehensive review will help reinforce your understanding and application of the French language in various contexts, from basic greetings to professional conversations.

Basic Greetings and Introductions

We started our journey with the basics of the French language, learning how to greet others and introduce ourselves. We covered common phrases like "Bonjour" (Hello), "Comment ça va?" (How are you?), and "Je m'appelle..." (My name is...). We also learned how to ask and answer basic questions about ourselves and others.

Everyday Conversations

Next, we delved into everyday conversations, focusing on practical scenarios like shopping, dining, and working. We learned vocabulary related to different types of shops, items, and prices. We also covered restaurant-related vocabulary, including how to order food and ask for the bill. In the context of work, we learned how to discuss tasks, ask for help, and express opinions.

Travel and Transportation

Our journey continued with travel and transportation. We learned how to navigate airports and train stations, ask for directions, and make travel reservations. We covered vocabulary related to different types of transportation, tickets, schedules, and locations.

Professional French

We then transitioned to professional French, learning how to communicate effectively in a business setting. We covered formal greetings, business language, and professional writing. We learned how to write professional emails, handle phone conversations, and use formal language in meetings and presentations.

Advanced French Grammar

Finally, we delved into advanced French grammar. We reviewed verb conjugations, focusing on regular and irregular verbs in different tenses. We also covered the conditional and subjunctive moods, learning how to express hypothetical situations and desires.

This review should help you recall and reinforce the knowledge you've gained in the first half of the course. Remember, practice is key to mastering a language, so don't hesitate to revisit these topics and practice them in real-life scenarios.