French 101

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French Grammar (Advanced)

Reviewing Advanced French Grammar

In this unit, we will consolidate our understanding of advanced French grammar through a series of comprehensive exercises. These exercises will cover verb conjugations, tenses, and moods, and will provide ample practice in sentence construction, error correction, and translation.

Verb Conjugations

We will begin with exercises that focus on verb conjugations. These exercises will include regular verbs in -er, -ir, -re endings, irregular verbs, reflexive verbs, and verbs followed by prepositions. The aim is to ensure that you can confidently conjugate verbs in different contexts.


Next, we will move on to exercises that cover the different tenses. These exercises will include the present tense (regular and irregular verbs), past tense (passé composé vs. imparfait), and future tense (simple future and near future). We will also cover compound tenses such as the plus-que-parfait, future perfect, and past conditional. These exercises will help you understand when and how to use each tense correctly.

Conditional and Subjunctive

The third set of exercises will focus on the conditional and subjunctive moods. These exercises will cover the present and past forms of both moods. You will practice using the conditional and subjunctive in sentences, expressing hypothetical situations, and giving advice.

Comprehensive Practice

Finally, we will conclude with comprehensive practice exercises. These will include sentence construction practice, where you will be given phrases or words to form complete, grammatically correct sentences. Error correction exercises will help you identify and correct common grammatical errors. Translation exercises will provide practice in translating sentences to and from French, helping you to think in French and improve your fluency.

By the end of this unit, you should be able to confidently use advanced French grammar in your conversations and writings. Remember, practice is key when it comes to mastering a language. So, make sure to revisit these exercises regularly to reinforce your understanding and application of advanced French grammar.